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We are an authorized Hunter Douglas Window Fashion dealer and installer.
Hunter Douglas Window Fashions

Welcome to Berniker Decorators online

We specialize in...

Draperies, Blinds, Valances, Cornices, Shutters, Motorization, Carpeting, bedspreads, and more. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the finest in window fashions and interior decorating. Come into our showroom in Yorktown Heights, NY and see what we have to offer in person. Take a look through the site to get a better Idea of our services. If you would like to contact Berniker Decorators, fill out our email form on the contact page.

How To Reach Us

1857 Commerce St
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Phone: 914-232-0133
Fax: 914-232-0134

Store Hours

Tuesday thru Friday:
10am to 5pm

Saturday :
10am to 4pm

Family owned
and operated
since 1914